Friday, November 1, 2013

A Boo-tiful Day

I had the best Halloween yesterday. Except I didn't throw Nate his annual Halloween party. And I thought he wouldn't notice except he keeps asking. And then his friends started asking me why I didn't have one. So now, I have a whole year to plan an exciting Halloween party!

On to the fun part - PICTURES!

Halloween for me started on Monday when I made Marc take me to Rocky Horror Picture Show. I've never seen it, never been to a showing, and so I was in fact a virgin. Of course, so was Marc. We walked in, everyone was dressed up and I thought Marc's eyes were going to bug out of his head. He was slightly uncomfortable at first but when it came time to throw rice and toast, etc, he laughed and we had a great time. I don't think he'll ever go again but next year, I'm dressing up! haha

Then of course pumpkin carving. Here's where I'll admit I'm the worst mom ever. This is one tradition I hate. I love the years when the boys are so busy they forget. Bleh. This year was slightly more fun because I decided to use a power drill to make mine. Fun times!

Kelsy (Marc's girlfriend) carved pumpkins with us
Nate got the biggest pumpkin he could find

Our pumpkins (guess which one's mine:) 
Then of course costumes!

Halloween is funner when you're thinner. ha, for me anyway. I've wanted to dress up for years but the last thing I wanted to do was draw attention to myself. I made up a little for lost time by wearing two costumes!

During the day, I was Amelia Earhart.

I took Nate's friends with us .
Marcus even dressed up this year...he's Hugh Hefner and here he is with Kelsy. 

So I mentioned I wore two costumes. I painted my face sort of "day of the dead," wore a wig, and dressed in black.

I'm pretty proud of the way my makeup turned out. Not bad for freehand huh?

I think I'll start planning next year's costume now. It's so much more fun when you play along.

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