Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thankful #12: My Sis

My sister and I grew up fighting. ALL. THE. TIME.
Dad, mom, me in green and yellow, tara with the ball

Imagine my exact opposite. I'm a peacemaker. Tara's an instigator. I hate arguing. My sister takes the opposite side of you just so she can argue. Tara is stubborn, outspoken, and an extrovert. I'm definitely an introvert. We did not get along. I remember being young and fighting. My first fight in high school was with Tara. She had said something about my boyfriend so I slammed her into a locker and punched her. Yes, I win big sister of the year! 

But then something changed several years ago. My sis is one of my best friends. I've come to appreciate that she's different than me. She can still irritate me but more than anything, I admire her. I wish I was a little more like her some days. 

Tara and I in cancun 1995.
She's the person I call when I'm working through a problem. I talk to her almost every day. She's my sounding board.

And crazy enough (my sis has always been thin and athletic)..she's become my weight loss champion/cheerleader. Calling to see how I'm doing. Cheering me on. 

Me and Tara in Reno, August
Tara has also given me another gift. My niece and nephew...Paige and Liam. Love these kids. Love that Tara and I let each of our kids go spend a week or two with eachother during the summer. Being an Aunt is almost better than being a mom. I get to spoil them and send them back! 

Love my sis!

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