Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thankful #20 - Flexibility

In the last twenty years, I've had a bit of ADHD when it comes to my job.

I worked as a receptionist for a construction firm. I worked for my dad who insisted I call him Bill at work. He was harder on me than any boss I've ever had. Funny story: I walked in on a Monday with my eyebrow, lip, and nose pierced (a fun weekend with a good friend). My dad told me to take it all off. With disgust, I explained that I was now an adult and he could not tell me what to do. So he fired me. I grabbed my purse and went on a mission to find my next job and prove him wrong. But I learned that my appearance does in fact matter and that my dad had the right to tell me to get lost if I wasn't representing his business as I should. 

Which is how I ended up at a television station. I applied for a coordinator position and got it. I coordinated all the FOX kids club events in Albuquerque. They also hired me on the side to do voice-overs for commercials in which I was paid with gift certificates to whichever business I worked with. It's how my love for sushi happened. I did one for a sushi place and ended up with $500 in gift certificates for sushi. Oh and it gave Marc an opportunity to star in commercials for Midas and some other places. I learned that my singing lessons had come in handy if not for singing, for speaking. And I learned to coordinate events. 

Then I moved and became receptionist for a sawmill in Boise, they transferred me as office manager to Houston Texas. I hated that job. But it taught me that no amount of money could make me happy. I made 5 times more in a year than I ever have and I still quit. I learned the value of my time, my experience, my own happiness, and the dollar. And I learned I could be states away from any family or anyone I know and survive, as a single mom, and survive quite well in fact. 

Then I wrote resumes. And I learned the art of selling. Resumes aren't about listing your qualities, it's about making them want to interview you. It's a lot like marketing. 

Then there was law - my favorite field. I excelled at voir dire. I learned I'm pretty good at reading people. I learned to watch for subtle cues. To read and pay attention. To deal with people from all walks of life. 

And then I was a customer service trainer for a window and door company. I put my fear of public speaking aside and learned I can do anything I put my mind to. Even those things that terrify me. I took all the lessons I'd learned at every job and became a pretty good trainer (if I must say so myself). 

Then I was a project manager and I learned to be assertive and hold people accountable. 

And then I was here...the marketing and program coordinator for the Chamber and it's probably my favorite job I've ever had. I get to use all my skills from every job I've ever had to make things happen. I get to be creative and design marketing campaigns, keep the website up, and use social media. I get to pay attention to trends and be 'cutting edge.' I get to help people. I get to plan events and spend the day on a golf course. I plan parades, firework shows, galas, dinners, trainings, and more. I get to analyze things and train people. It's the best job. I meet new people. And of course, it earns a decent paycheck. And I get to work my schedule around my kids. I can leave for a football game, to volunteer in their school, or take them lunch in the middle of the day. 

I could get a job making more money but I wouldn't trade this for anything. My kids will be grown before I know it so for now, the flexibility is a huge benefit. Plus it's just a fun job! 

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