Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thankful #19 - 86 Days

Today I'm thankful that in 86 days I'll be on the Salmon River in Riggins, Idaho, freezing my behind off, taking a shot of Crown Royal, drinking coffee, laughing with four of the best fishing friends a girl could have. Hopefully, one of us (c'mon of course I mean me) will be reeling in the first place fish. We'll see lots of wildlife in the canyon. My mind will be blank other than the occasional "God, this is beautiful." In just 86 days, I'll be competing in my 5th Women with Bait Steelhead fishing tournament.

I'm thankful that I have something to count down to besides Christmas. Everyone keeps posting "Only xx weekends till Christmas" and all I can think is "only two more paychecks till Christmas dammit!"

So today, I'm thankful that WWB is only 86 days away!

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