Friday, November 1, 2013

Thankful #1: Beautiful Men

It's November 1st and all over Facebook people are posting the things they're thankful for. I thought about joining it but then I figured I could write more if I post it here. So bear with me as throughout the month of November, I tell you the things I'm thankful for. (forgive me posting twice in a day, I don't want to throw my days off). . .

I'm going to keep this first Thankful a little lighthearted...let's save the deeper, more meaningful thanks for later in the month. Today, I'm thankful for...

 really great-looking men

C'mon ...we all like to look at good looking people so join me in being thankful for greatlooking people.

Without further adieu, here are my favorites:
Disclaimer #1: tonight I'll be watching TV and I'm sure I'll think of someone I forgot
Disclaimer #2: I do in fact know some very good-looking real men but this isn't about that

Anson Mount - Had never seen him until I watched the first episode of Hell On Wheels. Now he's the only reason I watch Hell on Wheels. Dark, brooding, and can shoot really well.

Aaron from Fast N' Loud (again, the only reason I watch the show).

Bon Jovi - The only one of my rockers that look better now than he did in the 80s. Yum! I'm living on a prayer that we'll still find eachother.

Bono - See I already lied, U2 is one of my favorites but back when I was young, I just didn't find him attractive. Now he's a bit older and HOT!

A bad're surprised aren't you? 

Gerard Butler - PS I love you! 

Hmm, Jax Teller. . . I mean Charlie. Nope, he's Jax...motorcycle riding hottie of Sons of Anarchy. And the only reason I ever considered watching 50 Shades of Gray but now he's not playing Christian so there's no point! 

Alright, Alright, Alright - Need I say more. Look at him!

And Vince Vaughan. . . super cute AND can make me laugh (except he really wasn't good on SNL, I think he was having an "off" day.

and there you have it! Smile!

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