Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thankful #5: Little Talks

My favorite oldest son, Marc, is strong and resilient but like me he holds his feelings inside. Unfortunately, I also think he's had to deal with a lot of disappointment from the adults in his life....his bio dad, his adopted dad, and probably very likely me.

Last night, Marc got home fairly early and I asked him if he was ok. I got the typical teenager shrug. Then I was in my room writing in my journal when he came in and laid on the bed. He just started talking. Not about anything life changing, nothing grand or big....just normal conversation. What happened in school, what his friends were doing, how he felt bad for a friend who doesn't have a grandma who is very grandmotherly. For 45 minutes, he laid and talked to me. Neither of us looked at our phone. I barely talked at all. We laughed a few times. It was the nicest conversation I've had with him in a while. He's usually wrapped up with the girlfriend or his nose is in his phone and he's texting away or  playing video games. 

Today I'm thankful for little talks with my favorite oldest son!

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