Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thankful #23 - A Great Gift

One of the greatest gifts I received from my mom and dad was the love of reading. Growing up, I remember not having television. Tara and I would play outside for hours, come inside at dark and grab a book, and read for hours. 

Books transported me to a different time and place. Books taught me about love, life, death, mystery, giants, and imaginary things. 

Growing up, I loved books like BFG and James and the Giant Peach. 

As a pre-teen, I read Sweet Valley High and wished I had a twin sister and was popular.

In high school, Stephen King, Ann Rule, and anything involving true crime - probably spurred by my desire to work with the FBI. 

And now it's whatever interests me. . . biographies, fiction, non-fiction. You name it, I read it. 

I'm convinced part of the reason I've been successful in learning and growing is because of my love for reading. I wish I could instill the same love in both my boys but alas, at this time, only Nate loves to read. 

Reading gives me an escape. Introduces me to adventures I can't afford at this time. Provides education. I'm thankful both my parents were avid readers and passed the gift on to me. 

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