Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thankful #9 and #10 - Great People and Do-overs

I'm thankful for great people in my life and for a life that allows do-overs.

Recently, I've had some heart-to-heart conversations with a great friend who knows me pretty dang well. There's something liberating about being able to share your fears, your hopes, and your dreams with another person. After a rough week last week, I received this and I loved it!  I love supportive friends who listen, pay attention, and make my life a whole lot better just by being in it.

In fitting with the friend theme, several months ago my great friend Stacy and I made plans to spend a day and night at her house in our pajamas crafting. So yesterday, I loaded up my stuff and headed out. I wasn't feeling very crafty but just a few minutes with Stacy and that changed. I was able to make some Christmas gifts and knock them off the list. Here are a few of my projects:
for my jewelry

a sign for my niece's room
And then we come to my other thankful. . . I'm thankful for the ability to see through a screw-up and turn it into something beautiful. Of course, right now I'm specifically talking about a craft project but as I think about it, it fits my life too.

I made the signs above...I covered canvas with fabric, cut letters from contact paper with sayings, then spraypainted. Lifted the contact paper after drying and voila'  - you get the sign above. Some turned out and others didn't.

I almost trashed it but I decided to peel the fabric with two coats off the canvas and see if it could be salvaged:

I kind of liked the way it looked sort of graffiti like. So I took one and hand painted in pink glitter paint "Go Your Own Way"

Then I cut out letters and made this one:

 In addition to those projects, I cut out the pieces to a quilt. And started another.

But it got me thinking about life in general. I've screwed up a lot of things. And I tend to focus on the fact that I've screwed up. I haven't made my marriages work. I worry that I messed up Marc's life by not choosing the right dads. I worry that I don't make enough money. I worry that I'm in general just messing up.

But then I realize that through that, I've managed to remain a pretty hopeful, optimistic person. One who can see the good in life. I'm a woman that knows she can make it through. I know I'm strong. I know I'm resilient. And while I may be a little cynical in matters of romance, I'm still a diehard romantic.

So today I'm thankful for friends who love me. and I'm thankful for all the things (trials, tribulations, mentors, friends, family, and even enemies) that made me the person I am and for a life with do-overs.

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