Friday, May 27, 2011

We've all met her.

She's the mom at the football games encouraging all the kids to do their best while helping organize the coach's paperwork and communicate with all the parents. She volunteers at the school, reads to her kids every night, and helps them with their homework. She disciplines the kids gently when it's needed and corrects them appropriately. She teaches them manners and respect. Her kids never miss a practice or a game, she's never missed on of their games or practices either. Her life revolves around her kids. She tucks them in every night with a hug, a kiss, and a prayer.

She's the wife that will never embarass her husband. She doesn't dress provactively. She doesn't stray. She doesn't nag. She accepts that his job is difficult and doesn't complain when he requires hours and hours of downtime. She makes dinner every night from a menu she created after looking at the schedule for the week ahead, determining what needs to go in the crockpot and what meals she'll have time to cook that night. She figures out how to make sure he gets the things he wants. She grocery shops, scrapbooks, reads, and has perfectly married, normal friends. She rarely drinks or swears. Her life revolves around her kids and her husband. She expects nothing of them.

She's always nice and doing for others. She's a people pleaser. She's a supportive friend. She's a dedicated employee and co-worker. Her reputation is one of kindness, generosity, and intelligence. She puts her needs and desires on the backburner to cater to everyone else.

And that's all well and good and true.  And it describes me to a "T" - until February 2011 when I cracked and the happiness I'd been denying myself became the elephant in the room. I asked my husband for a divorce and the life I'd worked to create for 9 long years came unraveled in mere minutes.  Now it's time for me to make the life I've always wanted and be the person I am. This blog will share my journey.