Thursday, October 31, 2013

I Know Famous People!

They may not be quite famous yet but I bet they will be some day! 

First up, my good friend Chrystal Vaughan. She's written a book called Sideshow that you can now purchase! Woot!! I met Chrystal when I had the pleasure of training her at JELD-WEN Windows and Doors. We worked together for about three years and I knew she was destined for greatness:) We were instant friends - how could I not love a woman who knew random crazy trivia about nothing at all, had eccentric tastes, and shared a wicked sense of humor and a desire for crazy adventure. She's a little bit crazy and I expect when she's old and her kids are gone, we will enjoy coffee in some far off place and act like crazy little old ladies together. Check Chrystal's book out online and you could win a copy

And then there's Gordon - I've known Gordon R. Ross for about five years. He's written many books and has for years. He's an author and an illustrator. He has some horror stories he's about to finish up and he also has a Private Detective series. Gordon is 81 years old. I've been helping him with his Facebook page (dedicated to the Matt Jagger series) and his Linkedin page. Plus I helped get his books up on Goodreads. Gordon was kind enough to autograph a couple of books for me to give Dad for Christmas. So excited!

If you read any of their books, let me know what you thought! And congrats Chrystal and Gordon!  

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