Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sporting a Swimsuit in Public

Last year as I made my list, I added "Take Nate to a Waterpark" with much hesitation. Weighing in at much closer to 300 lbs than was comfortable, I didn't fully expect to make this one happen.

While Nate and I both love the water, I definitely lack the confidence to wear a swimsuit in public.

And my first and only waterpark experience (nine years ago) had left me somewhat traumatized. Nate was nine months old when we left him with a babysitter to take Marc to the waterpark. I felt huge. We arrived at the waterpark to find out that I couldn't wear my flipflops, I needed watersocks instead. So as we left for Walmart, my then-husband let me know just how unhappy he was with me for this. If only that was as bad as it got. I was going to share the story but now that I'm here, let's just say my confidence took probably the biggest hit ever that day (and I should have foreseen the end of our marriage). Oh well. . .

I reviewed my list last week and figured this weekend would be my last chance to cross that milestone off. And having lost 50 lbs (yay me) I decided to give it a shot. I would be lying if I said I wasn't anxious, nervous, and worried. I tried to talk myself out of the trip three million times.

But we went.

And we had a FANTASTIC time! I had no idea a waterpark could be so much fun. It feels like you are traveling down tubes at the speed of light before plunging into the water....your stomach in your throat the whole time! Nate thanked me about three million times for taking him. We raced down the water slides, we relaxed in the lazy lagoon, we tubed down the Cyclone (aka the toilet bowl according to Nate). We braved the Avalanche. We avoided sunburns. We ate ice cream. We laughed and played. Nate slept the whole way home.

What I didn't do was take any photos. My camera and phone aren't waterproof so no pictures of all our fun. But I am going to share this (warning....you're about to see a grown woman in a bathing suit). Why am I putting this out there? Because I'm amazed at my progress so just deal with it (and be kind, I realize I'm not going to be invited to pose in Sports Illustrated any time soon)....

First, let me remind you what I looked like the end of April:

And here I am 50 lbs less in a bathing suit. . .

Don't ask me why I have my sunglasses on. Let's pretend it's like the little boy in Big Daddy, I'm invisible as long as the sunglasses are on. haha

I did discover that unless you are a) cute and can pull off a bikini or b) really huge and THINK you can pull off a bikini, no one is even looking at you. A mom of average size (size 16 thank you much) in a black one piece with black shorts really is nearly invisible. hahah

So back to what's important....my favorite youngest son....Nate. This was sort of our last "hurrah" before school started.

Today he started 4th grade. Yesterday I asked him if I could meet him at school (he was with his dad this morning) or if he was "too cool" for mom to show up. He looked at me like I was an idiot and said, "Mom, I'll never be too cool for you." It made me grin even though I know this may be the last year he wants his mom showing up on the first day to take his picture as he sits at his desk, looking handsome and grown up.

What a handsome kid!
Have a great day!

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