Monday, December 17, 2012

38 Things to Do Before 38

For the past three years, I've created a list of things to do before my next birthday. It's a fun way to set some goals and add a little focus to what's most life to the fullest. I spent my birthday weekend putting together my list of 38 things to do before I'm 38. Without further adieu, here's my list:

38 Things to Do Before 38 (in no particular order)

  1. Go rafting - this has made the list every single year and I haven't done it for financial reasons. This is my year!
  2. Create a gratitude journal 
  3. Take Nate to a concert-type event (I've taken Marc now it's Nate's turn)
  4. Buy a pair of red-high heels even if I don't have an "occassion" to wear them. The practical part of me didn't buy them last year because I didn't NEED them. 
  5. Go to a play in Ashland - this is another one that falls every year to my "I don't have the money" category. Make it happen!
  6. Visit the Oregon Caves
  7. Take the kids camping at least once
  8. Visit Burney Falls in northern California
  9. Write a hand-written letter to someone once a month (worthy of repeating)
  10. Plan a sister day away from Burns (meet in Bend for the day??)
  11. Try a fun new hair do once a month (I'm in a hair funk and am trying to change things up a bit with a new up do occassionally, I don't mean change haircolor/cut)
  12. Decorate my bedroom in a way that fits me (I've made half a$$ed attempts at doing this but throughout the year I'll buy pretty things I love to make my bedroom space what I want it to be)
  13. Wear red lipstick out of the house and leave it on (I love red lipstick and I have the "perfect" shade, I put it on and then take it off because I feel like I'm standing out and not in a good way)
  14. Practice 12 Random Acts of Kindness
  15. Make and can homemade jam
  16. Grow tomatoes
  17. Make a quilt (the non-sewing person just added that but after making my Christmas stockings I'm ready to tackle it. Note to self: it doesn't have to be very big)
  18. Host a "favorite things party" during next year's holiday season (heads up friends, you'll need to be able to pick your favorite item that costs $5 or less and bring one for everyone. I estimate there "might" be about 8 of us. It'll be fun, trust me on this!)
  19. Take Valeria up on the invitation for Marc, Nate, and I to backpack with her and her kids
  20. Take a class on photoshop (could be online)
  21. Be better about my skincare at night (I'm horrible at taking my makeup off, sleeping in it and then taking it off)
  22. Try 12 new recipes
  23. Learn to flyfish with Marc
  24. Complete a charity walk/hike in faster time than I did last year
  25. Take a knitting class
  26. Set up a projector & big screen in my backyard and throw a backyard movie bash for the boys and their friends (Neil will help me with this one, he has everything I need) 
  27. Go 30 days in a row with no fast food (I have a feeling this will be the toughest one in the whole list)
  28. Get in the best shape I've been in in 10 years (really, the bar is set pretty low, should be fairly easy to make this happen)
  29. Take the boys geocaching
  30. Go to Crater Lake at night during a time when the Northern Lights are visible
  31. Have more family game nights - let's shoot for at least 12
  32. Go on the Halloween Linkville Cemetery tour (I miss this EVERY year)
  33. Make crepes (and make them again till I'm good at it) - we loved these when we visited the coast. I should be able to make them at home.
  34. Sign up for a bazaar and sell handmade items (Stacy - you're part of this, don't try and get out of it)
  35. Craft enough throughout the year to be able to have a booth at bazaar (see number 34)
  36. Let the boys plan one staycation together (and go)
  37. Complete one pinned project on pinterest
  38. Buy a new car
And there you have it...Time to get started!

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