Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy 37th Birthday to Me!

Today I turn 37. Happy birthday to me! As has become my tradition, I'm working on my list for the upcoming year. Last year was 37 before 37 and this year....well 38 before 38 of course. It'll take me a few days to perfect my list but today's a great day to review last year's list and check my progress:

Heather's 37 Before 37 (Dec. 14, 2011 - Dec. 14, 2012)


Be a better friend - My friends will have to say for sure but I tried to make sure we got together a little more and reach out a little more. I feel like this was an accomplishment. It isn't that I don't value my friends, but life gets so busy some times it takes more effort than it should.

•      Do a charity walk/hike - Thanks to Stacy this one was finished. I completed the JENC (Junior Enlisted Council) 5K supporting the Wounded Warrior Project. Yay!

Go on at least one camping trip - A giant group of us camped at Howard's Prairie in July. The kids played, canoed, and had a great time. 

Go somewhere romantic with Rob - Rob and I went to Hospitality Dinner House and had a nice dinner. The food was delicious!

Climb Hogsback - Nathan, his friend Joseph, and I climbed this hill this summer. The view of the city from the top was amazing. 

Print and post this list - ha! The first thing I accomplished and also the easiest (but the least fun lol)

Take Marc to a concert - Los Lonely Boys at the Ross Ragland! Great concert!

Try kayaking - probably one of my favorite things I did this year. I loved it enough I think you'll see it pop up on next year's list!

Visit Shasta's lavendar fields - Absolutely breathtaking!

Watch two classic films - Done. I think I'm not necessarily a classic movie kind-of-girl. 

Put at least $25 in savings each month - Done. Although admittedly, I could never keep it there!!

Read 35 books - I actually read 37. Yay!!

try five new vegetarian recipes - Yum, this was a delicious challenge and remarkably easy. I think I tried far more than that!

Visit my dad - we all vacationed together at the coast. A really great time.

write a hand-written letter with a card to one person every month - This one was much harder than I thought but well worth it. It's easy to send a card with a quick "Hi, thinking of you" but to write a letter takes real skill. A few months ago, Rob and I found some old letters that his great grandma had sent someone in the 30's and they were written so well. It's really an art form 

Didn't Do:(

buy a pair of red high heels
complete the photography challenge
Begin my own sourdough starter and make bread
fit in a day of crafting at least once a quarter
go for a ride on Rob's bike on a summer evening
Go to a play in Ashland
Hunt for opals in Lakeview
Learn about my camera
learn to make pasta
Make sushi rolls from scratch
make tamales
Revive passport nights
Hunt for sunstones in Lakeview
spend the night in a cabin
take a dance class
Take a watercolor class
take Rob to Sumpter Days
take the kids to an amusement park
take the kids to the Oregon Caves
Try White Water Rafting
Visit Cheya in SF
Work out at least once every single week

I'm not too upset by my list. I think I did pretty good. Looking at the things I didn't do I see a trend....a) money was tight and b) there's a few things I just didn't ever have the enthusiasm to complete (like tamales). 

I'll post my new list soon. 

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