Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Incredibly Good Looking Family

I've had family photos taken three times in my life - once when Marcus was 5 (he's 16 now), once when Nate was 4 (he's 8 now), and this past weekend.

I love photos so you'd think I'd do it more often. I'm probably not alone in admitting it's because I hate photos of myself.

Anyway, my mom and dad have been asking for family photos of me and the boys so when my friend Stacy offered to take my photos as a birthday/Christmas present, I was honored and excited for the opportunity. 

Stacy did such a great job I thought I'd share them with you. Marcus and Nate are the two people I'm most thankful for, their love keeps me going, and being their mom makes me strive to do the best I can and be a better person. 

Thanks Stacy!

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