Monday, September 9, 2013

Go Ducks Go!

Being a houseful of Oregon State Beaver fans, imagine Nate's frustration when he was assigned to the Ducks (for any of you NOT in Oregon, the University of Oregon Ducks and the Oregon State Beavers are rivals). From August through the end of October, our family would have to put away our black and orange to proudly wear green and yellow  - at least on Saturdays and Wednesdays when Nate has a game.

This is Nate's third year playing Pop Warner football and he moved up to the PeeWee league. Last year, he was in the Mitey Mite league and started as Center. He was one of the biggest kids on the team. Moving up to PeeWee's meant he probably wouldn't be the largest and he would probably be the youngest . . . which COULD mean less playing time. We prepared him all summer for this possibility. The first of August rolled around and practice began. Nate surprised us by really giving it his all. He had a great attitude at practice. When the coach called on him, he was confident but not arrogant. And he studied the plays - so much so that he memorized every one.

And guess what? My youngest player on the team earned himself a starting position! Woot woot!! Nate starts at Right Guard and is the backup center. Did I mention I'm proud of him?

Saturday was our first game. First, the opening ceremonies where all the teams parade around the track. Just look at this superstar:

Number 60 is my son!! 
Our team played a great game!

All their hard work practicing for the past month paid off. We won 43 to 19. Go ducks!!!

Now I can't leave out Marcus. Marc isn't playing football this year and is opting to focus on his grades and get a job. Proud of this kid and I can't believe he's nearing 18. How did that happen? He is getting in a fair amount of hunting however. He participated in a youth only pheasant hunt this weekend and in minutes (seriously) he got his first bird. Warning: you're about to see a hunting photo:

Love my sons!!

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