Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rent-a-Dress? Gwynnie Bee Review

As I lose weight, I'm finding fashion fun again. But on a limited budget, it's impractical to buy a ton of clothing that will only fit for a few weeks. I've been using our local consignment stores and thrift stores to get buy but I also want to reward myself with some new stuff.

Not to mention, I'm starting to want to stand out instead of blend in. So when I read a post about Gwynnie Bee, I was intrigued. You subscribe and they send you designer clothing to try, wear, and return when you're finished. Interesting right??

Clothing without commitment, they say.

  1. So first, you create an account and then look through their selections. Dresses, skirts, and shirts. . . in sizes ranging from size 10 to plus sizes up to 32.
  2. You add anything you want to try to your "closet."
  3. They ship you three of your selections (at least that's the "plan" I'm on). (No shipping charges)
  4. You try them on. Wear them to work, on a date, at play, or wherever you desire then send it back (and they pay for the return shipping).

Seems perfect for someone like me. So far, I've received 9 articles of clothing and have loved all but two (and I even wore them). I even liked one enough that I inquired about buying it! Yes, you can try then buy at a fraction of the cost for new.

Here are a few photos:

This was the first item I received. It's a polka-dot shirt. Loved it! It was high quality, well made, and fit really well.
I've always avoided polka dots. I liked it.

Here's another item. It's a bright pink pencil skirt. I almost sent it back because I was too afraid to wear it but I wore it Monday and got so many compliments. I felt great in it. Professional. (and if I'm honest, a little bit sexy). I think a pencil skirt will be one of my buys in the near future. This one ran a little big otherwise I might just buy it.
I loved this more than I expected. 

Now if you find you love something, they'll sell it to you for a fraction of the cost. Pretty cool right? I almost bought this one:
I rarely wear print, and rarely wear color. I think I should have started on the chevron trend a while ago!

While I've loved almost everything, I think this one below was a fail (good thing I get to return it, postage paid):

boxy, too big, and dowdy. Reminded me of a elementary school teacher wearing a jumper
It's brown with tan and white polka dots. It was extremely well made but way too big, made me look bigger, needed a belt, and had no shape. Boo!

And then there was this one (below). Eh. Didn't love it, didn't hate it. It was okay. It fit well and was supposed to be flattering but it bunched up weird around my middle (you can see it in the photo) and I think made my look a little poochier (I think it's a word).
Eh, not good, not bad. I actually got compliments. I think I really don't like this picture ha

I've received 9 items in three weeks to wear and send back. It's been really fun. I've enjoyed exploring looks I never would have tried before.

My Un-Official Review:


  • Fun! Loved getting so much mail that wasn't bills.
  • The clothes are awesome quality and probably nicer than what I purchase on a regular basis
  • For someone like me who is in transition and losing weight, it's been a great and affordable way to enhance my wardrobe.
  • TONS of choices!
  • Fast delivery
  • No shipping charges, no return shipping charges
  • Great customer service (I complained about the time it took to ship my first shipment and they responded quickly with a resolution!)
  • I found it affordable at $79 for the month but there are months that might be a little tough.
  • You can't pick what to send next (I'd love a feature that allowed you to "queue" what you wanted next)
If you sign up, read the reviews on the items. They were pretty accurate as far as item runs big or item runs small, etc. 

(PS - if you're looking for a gift idea, I'll take a gift certificate from here haha).

Try Gwynnie Bee for one month for free!

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