Monday, September 16, 2013

A Wake-up Call

Let's get back to football shall we?

Nate plays on Saturdays and this week we were out of town. We got up in the morning and headed to Lakeview, a roughly 90 minute drive (I mean, 2 hours Mr. Officer). Lakeview was reported to have the toughest team in the league and we were prepared for a dogfight - we were definitely the underdogs in this game! 

Nate gets his "football face" on!

Man, what a tough game that was but our boys showed what they were made of!

At the end of the 3rd quarter, we were still tied at 6 to 6.

Then Lakeview scored twice to take the lead 19 to 6. Then we scored again with three minutes left in the game.

We closed the gap - 19 to 13. Unfortunately, we weren't able to score again and our final score remained 19 to 13.
The team takes a break in the shade
Nate is starting right guard and back-up center. In the second play of the game, the coaches put him as center and he played the rest of the game, never letting anyone by and protecting his quarterback. Great job Nate!

So proud of that kid. 

Back to important things....awesome kids! I can say while we lost, our boys played really really well. So proud of them. Nate has really stepped it up this year. Now all Nate can talk about is how bad he wants his football picture in the paper - I've tried explaining it'll be when he's in high school. He has no patience!

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