Monday, August 26, 2013

38 x 38 - Silver Lining Rafting

For three years now, rafting has been on my annual bucket list and I never get to mark it off....until now! Woot woot!

Some good friends of mine organized a rafting trip on the Rogue River. The boys and I (plus Marc's girlfriend) decided to join in. So yesterday morning we woke up to head out to Shady Cove, Oregon. The sky was cloudy and ominous with the feeling of rain. As we drove closer to our destination, the downpour began. My windshield wipers were doing double-time as we drove. The kids were convinced that we should still go.....they're "justification" was that we were going to get wet anyway. Good point. I could see blue skies in the distance so held out hope that there'd be a break.

Waiting in the rain for a table that can seat 21!
We arrived at the rafting place (and I'm going to not name them because...well, I'm going to make fun of them) and ducked under the awning as we watched the rain fall. Twenty-four of us showed up and three promptly left (it wasn't us). The 21 of us remaining decided to head to breakfast to see if the storm would break.

Lucky for us, it broke! It was a balmy 70 degrees as these crazy people decided to head out and take their chances. Yes, I'm one of those crazy people. And I'm so glad. It ended up being beautiful. 75 degrees, sunshine, good friends, beautiful scenery, and we all made it back in one piece:)

We met back at the rental raft place. Our fees included a "shuttle" to the drop off point 13 miles upriver.

The van looked like something you'd see parked at the side of the road with a sticker warning that it will be towed if it's not moved by xxxxxx date. Two 12 passenger vans sat at the place and we were deciding where folks would sit when the guy informed us we'd only be taking one "shuttle."

21 of us. That's Nate's red arm in the front,
he's sitting on my lap
Yes, all 21 of use piled in a 12 passenger van. I sat next to the sliding side door. It had no door opener from the inside and when he "closed" it he told me not to lean against it because I should think of it more as "curtain" than a door. WTH?? There was a good 4-6 inch gap between the van and the door. Yikes! On the bright side, we were suddenly glad it was 100 degrees!

We arrived safe and sound. Three rafts, 21 people, coolers, life vests, and ready for a good time!

I don't have many photos as I left both my camera and my phone in the car (didn't want to risk ruining either. Here's a few I have (thanks for friends who dared bring theirs along).
All of us getting ready to head out

After the trip! 

Yay! I'd do it again (although maybe with a different rental place)!

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