Friday, August 2, 2013

38 x 38 - Finish a Project on Pinterest

Last year, I attempted the know, a picture every day. I failed. It lasted approximately 3 days and I gave up. So when I saw a July Photo-a-Day Challenge on Pinterest, I thought I'd give it a shot and I actually completed it.

Every day, there was a theme and you took a photo accordingly and posted it in Instagram. Now, this also forced me to use Instagram and now I'm sort of addicted. I love seeing all my friends photos! You can follow me on Instagram but I thought I'd share a few of the photos I posted in July:

Day 3 - Red -

Red happens to be my favorite color and here are three of my fave red things - nail polish, lip gloss, and jewelry!
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 Day 14 - Share

Miss Eva Massie shared her 70+ years of quilting knowledge with me

Day 18 - Smells Delicious

I'm a lotion addict and this is the most delicious smelling, moisturizing stuff out there. Love love love this product!

Day 19 - In the Neighborhood

This old house from the 20's is right across from my work. I want it!!

Day 20 - Love is...

Love is time with my boys! 

 Day 23 - Below

This is a photo I took from below the dam while we were fishing.

Day 26 - Weather

Here's a photo of the weather rolling in across the refuge

Day 28 - Old

I have some really great old letters and I read them often. This one, dated July 16, 1941 mentions that it was 100 degrees in Seattle on that date, setting a record. I looked it up and that record held until 2009!! This letter also mentions the war and rations and how women are going to work. I love the way people used to write!

Those are some of the highlights!

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  1. That was pretty fun! I think I lost steam on this new one though. I've been OCD about books/writing lately and missed the last couple of nights :(