Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Getting to "Normal"

I stood in the middle of my favorite local clothing store with a big goofy grin and excitement coursing through my veins.

For years, I've walked to the two or three racks of clothing marked 'For the Curvaceous" and looked through to find something I liked marked either XXL, 3XL, or 22/24.  Out of habit, I went to these racks and started to browse. Then it dawned on me that I'm not that size anymore. So I grabbed the XXL, big looking XL and 18/20s and headed to the dressing room. Nothing looked right. And it dawned on me that perhaps these were also too big!

I almost left. Too afraid to spoil my high by trying on "normal" sizes only to find they didn't fit. But then I thought, WTH? Let's give it a shot. So first, I tried on a pair of size 16 slacks. Imagine my surprise when they fit. Then I tried on an XL dress. And it fit. Then I tried on a XL shirt...and you guessed it, it fit.

OMG. This is a huge day for me. I haven't been able to shop the "normal" sizes in at least 10 years. Yes, I still have some clothing that is considered "plus" that fit. And yes, there are people who would tell me that an XL and 16 are still plus size. I don't care. I feel great!

I feel great enough I thought I'd bore you with one more before/during shot. I say during because I have 50 more lbs to lose to reach my goal. But man, I'm totally bragging....look at these results!

A Note: I have discovered there are very very few pictures of my whole body before. I avoided the camera so bear with me while I show you my "before" shots....I had to dig them up where I could.

First up, on the left is me the day I started this diet. Yes, I'm wearing clothes that are a  little revealing on purpose but look at the difference!!

Now, probably a more fair observation. On the left, here I am taking a picture in the mirror on a day I thought I looked good. Then of course, me on the right today!

For the record, I've lost 42 lbs! I've gone from a 22/24 to a 16/18.

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