Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Responsibility Part 2

It's amazing how quickly kids respond to positive influences! Just a few weeks ago, I posted about my teenage son's job (and my guilt over it).

Let's just say I'm over the guilt and thrilled with the results! Marc was already an amazing young man but when he came home last week for his few days off, it was pretty amazing! 

Instead of retreating to his bedroom, he was in the living room visiting with us. He had stories of what he'd been doing in the woods, what he was learning, and how hard the work was. He told stories instead of shrugging his shoulders and saying, "it was fine." 

He did laundry! Yes, seriously. 

He helped whenever I asked him and didn't say, "I'll do it later." 

Marc and his girlfriend helped me set up the 4th of July event.

On Saturday, we took him back to finish his last two weeks of working. And I saw even more changes. 

He took out Grandma's garbage before she even asked him to. He asked if there was anything she needed and then mowed her lawn. 

He made a grocery list for the week (he stays out in the woods Monday through Friday) and then asked Grandma to take him shopping to help him get the best deals. 

He didn't retreat to his room to text his girlfriend, instead he rode horses with the little cousins. 
Riding horses was on Marc's annual bucket list....mission accomplished!

Of course, as you probably also read, Marc bought his first truck with his money. He bought a 1977 Ford truck that runs perfect. It starts right up and purrs (why do guys say that?? weird.) It's mechanically awesome. But it's ugly. I got to see it for the first time (my family helped him make sure it was a good buy). He's right, it's ugly but it's all his. 

Marc's first truck

 Of course, now having some tunes, Marc's happy and ready to drive. It made my heart swell when he said, "let's go for a drive mom" - so off we went. Listening to music, windows down, heading down the road....

So yeah, right now I'm pretty proud of this young man! He has two more weeks (so keep up the prayers that rattlesnakes stay away and he doesn't get caught up in the barbed wire!!).

A few other fun things from this weekend. My mom cooked a turkey in a trash can that was delicious! Sounds crazy but here's a photo. It was moist and tasty. A 20 lb turkey took about 2 hours.
turkey cooking in a trash can

My grandparents came in for dinner. I have to brag that both their first comments were about how much weight I've lost. Yes, I was happy:)

Me and my beautiful grandma

We took our dog on this trip. He loved his head out the window as we passed the lake.
Drake loves a road trip

You'll notice this post is missing photos of Nate. He's with his dad for the next two weeks. Missing that kid like crazy! And with Marc gone working, I'm going stir crazy. Watch here for some posts though...I'll share everything I'm doing to stay busy and not think about it! 

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