Tuesday, July 2, 2013

11 Weeks and 35 Lbs

In 11 weeks, I've lost 35 pounds using Take Shape for Life and Medifast. I'm feeling great. I'm super busy so I can't post all the wonderful things but I'm really excited to share my photos.

Here's the photo I posted to show my progress at 6 weeks. I had lost 27 lbs at this point.

On the left when I started, on the right, at six weeks - down 27 lbs

5 weeks after that and I've lost 8 more pounds. I feel great. I will say I've been under a huge amount of stress so I bet I would have gained more than that if I hadn't been doing this program. Here I am today:

11 weeks, down 35 lbs!

Just have to keep going!

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