Thursday, July 11, 2013

12 Week Celebration

Today I celebrate twelve weeks on the Take Shape for Life program and I couldn't feel better. I've lost 38 pounds so far and I have more energy than I could have imagined. I posted photos last week so I won't bore you with more but I'm amazed at my continued progress.

In fact, I'm so impressed and passionate about my experience, I took the leap and became a health coach! I'm not a salesperson and I hate being pressured so I won't pressure you but should anyone be interested in learning more about my experiences, I'm happy to share! You can visit my new Take Shape for Life website here.

This weekend I'll take my measurements. I am thrilled to have gone from a size 24 to between a 16 and 18. I'm so close to being under 200 pounds that I can hardly stand it!!

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