Friday, July 12, 2013

Random Thoughts On a Friday

  • I noticed that since I've lost 39 lbs (yes, as of this morning woot woot), I'm starting to get a few wrinkles noticeable on my face and I wouldn't admit it to just anyone but I wonder if I'm going to start looking older and then I wonder whether it's better to look older but be thinner or look younger and be fatter. Of course, I quickly reminded myself that what I want is a life of mobility and good health so I can live a long time and accomplish all the amazing things I have planned for myself. 
  • I thought I was doing so well on my annual bucket list and was knocking off the items one by one. Then today I realized I have less than six months to do 31 things. I better get on it!
  • I realize every once in a while that I have a real fear of God. I'll blame all the times I went to church and was threatened with fire and brimstone. Right now while I go through some crazy amounts of stress, I start to feel like I'm being punished for something. Maybe because I got not only one but two divorces. Maybe it was that I said His name too many times in vain. Was it a little white lie I told now and then? But then I remind myself He's a loving God and He has a plan for me. 
  • I wish I had a few hundred dollars to just spend on shoes and pretty lingerie. 
  • I wish I was brave enough to cut my hair into a pixie cut. 
  • I'd like to live in a time when everyone dressed up and wore hats and the men looked dapper and the women looked classy. (I wouldn't want it every day but I do wish I had more opportunities to really really dress up). 
  • I want two more tattoos. One on each wrist. Small enough that I can cover them with bracelets and watches. 
  • I want to climb a mountain. 
  • I'm already planning next year's bucket'll have to be grand ...I'll be the big 4-0!
  • I want to learn to dance. 
  • I want to go out of town and be a little crazy and let loose. 
  • I want to do something fun and adventurous when I grow up that gives me lots of cool experiences but instead I'll go to school for marketing because it's the practical thing to do. 
  • I want to be adventurous but mostly I'm chicken. 
There you have it. All the random thoughts that popped in my head on this fine Friday morning!

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