Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kid-Friendly Reno Vacation - Part 1

I've often said I would not take my kids on vacation to some place like Reno or Las Vegas. I know both places have activities for kids but I just haven't thought it'd be that much fun. I think it's mostly selfish....if I'm in Reno or Vegas, I want to do adult things. I want to drink a little, gamble a little, take in a few shows, stay up until 2 a.m. and eat to excess.

Nevertheless, this year's summer vacation was to . . . Reno. And we had a fantastic time! Who knew Reno with kids could be so fun. Here are a few photos from our trip.

One of our favorite shows to watch on TV is Fast N' Loud which is filmed at the Gas Monkey Garage. As we pulled in to our hotel, a car that we've seen featured on it was parked just a couple of spaces down. The kids were thrilled!

We stayed at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino which was great. They have a pool, bowling alley, movie theater, arcade, go carts, driving range, little amusement park, and more. I highly recommend it!

Here the family waits for their turn on the go carts. From left to right: Dad, Nate, Luke, Marc, Paige, Katie, Liam, and Tara.

My dad and brother-in-law convinced Marc to try the "Ultimate Thrill" ride with them. They were harnessed in, raised 180 feet in the air, and then dropped. After free falling, they swing like a pendulum at 65-70 mph until they stop. Yikes! Look at their grins:

One day, we travelled to Virginia City to check it out. It was a cute town (albeit a tourist trap). A hint: if you buy your tickets to the museums at the visitor center, you get discounts!

There we walked through little shops, took a mine tour, and watched an old west gun show.

Nate posing as a gunslinger
This guy was on the street, swearing this is the owl from Harry Potter

I loved the tin ceilings and the light fixtures and architecture

The wild west show was awesome. Entertaining. Cheesy. Fun for the whole family

The kids are in heaven
Instead of making this post really really really long, I'll end it there for today. Check back tomorrow for more pictures of our vacation.

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