Friday, March 28, 2014

Burney Falls - 129 ft. Waterfall

For years, I've wanted to take a trip to McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park in California. A friend had told me about the gorgeous waterfalls and the opportunities to hike. This weekend for Spring Break, the weather was nice and so we loaded up to make the short trek. The Park is approximately 140 miles from Klamath Falls (perfect for a day trip). We packed a lunch and headed out in the morning. 

On the way, we pass the Veteran's Living Memorial Sculpture Garden. I've been here before but decided to take the boys through. Being 10- and 17-year old boys, I wasn't sure they'd find it interesting. I was pleased when they both took an interest and insisted on walking around to each monument. The memorial features large metal, welded humanoid type sculptures. It's sort of remote with Mt. Shasta looming in the background. It's awe-inspiring, moving, and worth the stop!
A tribute outside the POW/MIA sculpture

This sculpture is title "Coming Home"

The entrance of the memorial
Continuing on, you come to the silly little town of Weed, California. They've embraced the "Weed" name and you can buy shirts that say I love Weed, Weed makes me happy, etc. We didn't explore but we did buy a souvenier. 

Traveling on down the road, listening to some rap and rock from my days (Tone Loc, Dr. Dre, Guns N Roses), we rocked out. The kids began to get hungry. My plan was to wait until we got to the falls but we saw a turnoff for a "vista" and pulled over. It was worth it - we found bonus falls that I didn't even know existed. 

We turned into the Lower Falls Picnic Area. It was well-maintained, nice roads, and clean bathrooms/picnic tables. We ate our lunches and walked down to the falls (a very easy, very short walk). 
Marc stands near the falls
 The rocks to climb over have been worn smooth and holes have been created from the water.
One of the holes was big enough for Marc to stand in.

Love them!

Nate found a relaxing rock
After the short hike and our bellies full, we headed out to Burney. According to the website, the centerpiece of the Memorial State Park is the falls themselves. The falls drop 129 feet. The weather was drop dead gorgeous, I even took off the jacket and hiked in my tank top. We took the Falls loop trail to begin with. It's a 1.4 mile hike. Pretty easy. Some uphill but not enough to complain about. 

The boys pose at the entrance
The Falls! GORGEOUS!

Marc posing for the camera

He asked for this photo - pretty sure it was to send to a girl

squirrels everywhere. 
 After hiking and playing, we began the trek back home. On the way down, I'd seen a sign for historical McCloud. I took the exit while the boys slept and drove through a cute little town that I want to revisit. Victorian looking homes, quaint shops -nothing to interest the boys but it'll be on my list. How can you resist neat architecture against bright blue skies and quiet streets with no cars?

The boys slept (they take after me) as we trekked back to Klamath. Driving through a short little detour to view Mt. Shasta City added another "next time" destination to my list. I'm excited to drive down and explore this seemingly "hippy-dippy" new-age-y town that boasts psychics, stores with crystals that heal, and the best drinking water anywhere! I suggest making the drive to Burney Falls - it's worth it! 

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