Monday, April 7, 2014

39 x 39 - Sew a Skirt

I sewed a skirt. And it's actually something I think I'll wear. More about that in a minute.....

To say life's been busy would be an understatement. Between school, kids, work, and my other work (on the board at the Home Builders Association), I feel like I've been running running running. Rather than bore you with a bunch of words, let me tell you in photos:

Marc bought a new car. It's ugly but it beats the gas mileage in his ford truck. Good job kid!

I took a few minutes to make my feet pretty (or at least prettier-ish) in hopes that it would spring some sandal weather. This would never have happened if not for my beautiful friend Chrystal. Lately we've been carving out hour blocks to catch up. Amazing how much we need our girlfriends. I almost cancelled this day but instead, we kept our appointment. We painted our toes, I put makeup on her, and fixed her hair. Girly, fun.

 The Home Show! I'm on the board for the Klamath Basin Home Builders Association. This weekend was our annual Home and Garden Show. Nate came along and helped me out. Here I am taking a quick break.
 Speaking of Nate, we've been spending a lot of quality time together. Cuddles, conversations, hanging out. . . I love this kid.

And finally to that skirt. . . here's the finished product. Not too shabby (I'll post another pic when I've got a different shirt on lol). 

 It was really fun to take a piece of fabric, a piece of elastic and come up with something I could wear.

I've blogged before about my mom's sewing. I HATED it when she made my clothes growing up. I've had an aversion ever since. But then I started could be sort of one of a kind. Maybe I'd save a little. And well, honestly, I could say I've done it.

I don't know how to read a pattern so I scoured pinterest for an easy tutorial. I stumbled across this simple skirt that says it takes 15 minutes. I would post all the directions but go to her blog. . .she does a great job explaining and I couldn't begin to improve on what she wrote. It took me about an hour (I'm a beginning beginner).

It really was super easy and has given me confidence to want to try something else. I'm thinking a maxi skirt is next.

The skirt is cute enough I'd wear it. It is a little too big. Apparently I added more than a half inch or inch to my hems.

Got any easy ideas for me to try next?

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