Monday, April 28, 2014

Victoria's (errr, I mean Heather's) Secret

As you know, I'm a bridesmaid (and I'm sort of proud of this). Anyway, this past weekend me and the co-bridesmaid threw a bridal shower. The bride really wanted a lingerie-themed shower so we of course decided to pull our inspiration from Victoria's Secret. We had a great time!

Here's a few photos.

First of course, the invitations. I made these on the computer. I think they turned out cute.

We included a little tag that gave her sizes. We also asked each person to bring a pair of new panties that "describe" the guest's personality. 
Invitation inserts

The panty game was quite funny. We had guests  "drop their panties" by the door:
The panty basket
Then we hung them on a "clothesline" - it was funny to see everyone's "personality." Maybe a little embarassing. . . but oh well, what would a bridal shower be without a stupid little game. 

Our clothesline
Everyone had a little "panty" nametag with black lace or polka dots and made up a "racy" nickname to wear. 

Of course, sticking with the theme, we needed cookies. We made matching little sets of bras and panties. 
And served lunch. We had quiche, bacon, potatoes, shrimp cocktail, croissants, bagels with smoked salmon cream cheese, and fruit with dip. Yummy!!
A view from part of the brunch line
Oh and what would a party be without mimosas? We created a mimosa bar, three different juices, champagne and fruit as a garnish. And of course a cake...a lace-up corset cake. 
It was a great time. The bride felt pampered (as it should be) and we had lots of giggles (lots of champagne helped that along). 

After the shower, it was time to do some makeup. I did Heather's makeup for some photos, complete with fake lashes etc. I can't show you the final in any photos but here's a preview. 
I should be a makeup artist! :) 

Top off the day with some good ole' line dancing lessons (no photos from that) and it's a day! On to the wedding......

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