Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Stop the Boat!

There's no earthly way of knowing 
Which direction we are going. 
There's no knowing where we're rowing 
Or which way the river's flowing. 
Is it raining? 
Is it snowing? 
Is a hurricane a blowing? 

Not a speck of light is showing 
so the danger must be growing. 
Are the fires of hell a glowing? 
Is the grisly reaper mowing? 
Yes! The danger must be growing 
For the rowers keep on rowing. 
And they're certainly not showing 
any signs that they are slowing!

To say I've been busy is an understatement. Truthfully, I don't know that I'm any busier or slower than the next gal but man, I feel run down but also energized. Weird. 

So I thought a quick check-in was in order. 

First, weight loss - c'mon you knew I'd start there. I've lost 100 lbs! 100 lbs! That's like a small deer. Or a Great Dane. Or an adult goat. It's a lot of damn weight. You can read a little bit about how I celebrated here on my weight loss blog. I'm purposely not posting a comparison photo - I have something big in mind;) 

Second, Marc. Oh my delightful wonderful 18 year old. Two proms. That's what. Two? Yes, two. Ok, really thankfully he's a boy and so I didn't have to do much. Except rent two tuxes, remind him the girl needs a corsage, make him get his hair cut, remind him the importance of shower and cologne, make sure he has something nicer to drive than his geo, hound him all day that he better stop by for photos....yeah, easy! But look at how handsome this young man looks and how beautiful his date is. 
Marc and Jyni
Jyni, Marc, Jenni, (can't remember his name, how sad), Haley, and Alec

They're so handsome!
If you know me, you should not be surprised I love me some prom. I wish there was prom for adults. I LOVE LOVE LOVE an opportunity to dress up. Formal gowns? Yes please. Makeup? uh, duh! Hair? Oh yes! I don't have girls though so again, read my role of a prom parent above. However! I did get a chance to do hair and makeup for prom. My great friend (and author!!) Chrystal was dealing cards at prom. I did her hair and makeup. I'm a genius but really it's easy when you have such a beautiful natural canvas. You can see the photos here. Chrystal pointed out that I could go to prom as a chaperone...Marc would hate me. 

School. Of course, there's school. So far I'm stuck in a database class. It's like being stuck in hell. The only bright spot is that it's about to be over. The database part anyway. Now I get to move on to video...watch for my video debut in the next few weeks. 

And lastly, the wedding. It's coming up quick. I've got my bridesmaid dress (remember, sunbeam yellow). I've got a great tan going on. Yikes, and I'm not even the bride. I'm looking forward to it. Photos soon!

Oh and speaking of that wedding, there's something else big coming that weekend. Marc's bio dad. My first husband. It's been well over 10 years since we saw him and he's meeting us in Portland. I'm excited for Marc. He and Roy (bio dad) are both so excited it's cute. Really. Cute. Yeah, that. I'm on the fence. On one hand of course I'm excited for Marc and Roy. I'm also a little "mama bear" and he better not screw up. And of course, there's a weird part of me that just wants to make sure I look fantastic that weekend - eat your heart out. haha. So yeah, a little busy around here. Happy days!!

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