Sunday, December 8, 2013

Vision 2014

Have you ever created a vision board for your goals? Me either. But I have 40 more lbs to lose and a good friend suggested making one, hanging it in a few places, and using it for some extra motivation. I thought it'd be a good idea. 

I'm not really lacking motivation. But when you go from nearly 300 lbs to under 200, it's easy to think you've made it. It's easy to get complacent, happy with the way you look. In other words, it'd be really easy for me right now to say I'm done and I'd probably be satisfied. I could keep it off even. I look at my old pictures and think "Dang girl, you look great now." 

But I'm not done. 40 more (I think) to go. Plus I need to add some fitness goals in there. So I took my friend's advice and made a vision board. 

As usual, I nearly overthought it. I sometimes think I should have more noble goals....but the truth is most of it's pretty shallow.

I could tell you that I want to live a long time (and that's true) but honestly, it's a lot about looks. 
And clothes. 
The ability to wear the clothes I want. 
To feel sexy. 
To dance and move more gracefully. 
To be comfortable in my skin. 

There's a few others. I need more hiking time. More mountain climbing. More physical activity. 

to be a role model. An example. 

to be tattooed. (ok, I already am, but I want more)

to be a hot 40 year old. Don't judge - it's my vision:) 

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