Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Makeup Junkie

My makeup obsession is a direct result of my parent's divorce. I'm only sort of joking. 

How, you ask? 

I had begged and pleaded to wear makeup. I was 12. All the girls were wearing it. And so was Madonna. My parents were trying to ruin my life!! It was just mascara, eyeliner.....geesh! 

They turned me down. And turned me down again. Somehow in their crazy parent brains, makeup (and shaving legs but that's a different story) meant I'd be pregnant in high school. HAHAHA

Then my parents split. And my mom (I think in an effort to make dad mad) cut my hair and bought me makeup. Hallelujah! I would finally be pretty!! 

My mother (who still doesn't wear makeup) stood in the bathroom and told me to apply the light pink very very lightly to my eyelid and then swipe on some mascara. I was lucky a few weeks later when she allowed me to add some blue eyeshadow. No foundation, no eyeliner and DEFINITELY no lipstick. 

Yay, I was pretty! 

Then we moved to Oregon. I was 13. And I started hanging around Tracy, a friend I'd had for a while because of our moms but now we were friends because of us. Tracy taught me all kinds of great things like how to pick up boys, how to sneak out, and some other things that aren't suitable for a blog with no warning. She also taught me to sneak over to her house, use her makeup, make my hair big, and go out to pick up guys at the mall, pretending to be 16 or 17 so that the "older" boys would like us. (Oh god, I'm so glad I don't have girls!)

That was also the summer my dad told me he left my mom because she quit taking care of herself....she never fixed her hair or did her makeup. 

Voila'  - a makeup junkie was born! 

I think I'm pretty good at it. I've learned that it should generally be applied to enhance what you've already got, not cover it up in tacky crazy colors. I actually love it enough that in the perfect world, I'd be a makeup artist. So thinking about 2014, I decided to make that happen (or at least a version of it)....I've asked to help with the makeup for community productions at our local theater! 

So I thought I'd share some makeup tips in 2014. Just things that work for me. I'm not an expert - there's your warning.

To start with, I wanted to share this video on Youtube. I found her the other day when I was bored. In this video, she's showing how to get a 1920s look. My favorite thing about this video however is that she shares little pieces of history. Interesting facts (at least to someone like me). 

Then I spent my Sunday, in my pajamas, watching the Bears game (dang it, they lost) and did my makeup to sit around the house. 

Here's how it turned out. By the way, I should have made my eye makeup darker. Lesson learned. 

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