Friday, June 21, 2013

Nate's 1st Kayak Trek

Last year, I fell in love with kayaking at first sight. My wonderful friend Mike Angeli took me out and I was hooked. I loved it so much that I have my kayak fund...a jar in which I put extra change and a few dollars to help me purchase one.

Since that trip, I've been impatiently waiting for an opportunity to take my sons. Nate loves the water and Marc loves the outdoors so I figure they're going to love it. Yesterday, thanks to the wonderful people at Roe Outfitters, I was able to take Nate! The wonderful people at Roe Outfitters did a fantastic job with Nate. Their guides (Logan and Rose) were patient and helpful. It probably didn't hurt that Nate hopped in and in no time was all over the river and lake. He never tipped over (although he did bump into a few others so thanks everyone for being so nice) but he did manage to take some water into the kayak, nothing a stop at the shore couldn't fix.

Here are a few photos:

Hey look! It's my only two blog readers - Stacy and Kim!! 

Look at that grin

My life vest is eating me alive! LOL
When Marc returns from working, I'm taking him! I think I need to buy three kayaks lol!

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