Friday, June 7, 2013

6 weeks, 27 lbs, 16 inches!

Six weeks ago yesterday, I was stressed out, had no energy, and didn't like what I saw when I looked in the mirror. My clothes were tight, nothing was comfortable.

It's been six weeks (and one day if you're being exact) and let me tell you how much can change in that short little time:

  • I've lost 27 pounds. 
  • I've lost 4 inches from my chest. 
  • I've lost 7 inches from my waist (7 inches!!)
  • I've lost 5 inches from my hips. 
  • I have sustained energy throughout the day! 
  • My clothes are baggy, some even unwearable!!
Wow, what a change. I can tell you that I'm still stressed out! But I think if I hadn't started the program I did, those numbers could very well have gone the other way. I could have gained 27 pounds and 16 inches! 

I am so excited I had to share! I've struggled with my weight my whole adult life. I remember when I hit 200 pounds and thought, "That's it! I can't believe I weigh 200 pounds and there's no way I'll be more!" Then I hit 225, and 250 and we don't need to go any further....

I've always used a basic calorie counting method. Less calories in, more calories out. And then I lose weight, my clothes get a little lose and I get excited, thinking I look great, and then I start not paying attention. 

So six weeks ago, I started Take Shape for Life (using meal replacements five times a day and eating one lean and green per day). I sort of felt like I was cheating. I worried that when I stop with the replacements, would I be able to keep it off? Will the food taste good? Will I feel deprived?

So far my experience has been wonderful and I think the thing that makes this program a little different is the awesome book and workbook that goes along with it. Through the book (and I still have a ways to go), I started to think about what I REALLY wanted. 

Pre-TSFL (pre-take-shape-for-life) - I would set my goals based on feeling better. No real goal, I just wanted to feel and look better. The problem is...once I looked better and felt better, I stopped. That could be with just 10 or 15 lbs lost

After-TSFL - I've begun to realize that I want an active, adventurous lifestyle. My kids are growing up (Marc will be 18 next year) and there's this whole second half of my life staring at me. I want to be healthy for Nate and Marc but I also want to be an active, healthy person after 40 and as I approach 50. 
  • I want to be climbing mountains, not into a hospital bed. 
  • I want to be exploring things around me, not exploring the best way to deal with disease. I want to wear cute clothes. 
  • I want to take my kids to a water park and not worry they'll be embarassed to be with fat mom.
  • I want to enjoy food but not have food control my life. 
  • I want to be an inspiration to my kids and hope they never deal with obesity like I do. 
  • I want to be 80 and still out for my walks.....
  • I could go on and on.....oh the dreams we could dream. 
Pre-TSFL - I had no energy 45 minutes after waking. Oh I'd pull myself up when I had to and do the random 5k walk but in general, I couldn't wait to get through the day and watch some tv. 

After-TSFL - My energy levels stay pretty high and steady all day. Now I go home and put on my walking shoes and take Nate and the dog for a walk. 

Pre-TSFL - I hated the way I looked in the mirror.

After-TSFL - I realize I have a ways to go but I'm starting to like it. It's exciting to see results. 

You'll probably hear more about my journey going forward but I'm just so excited. I really don't like these photos of me but I had to show the progress and these are the photos I had:

On the left, I pose at my work's Annual Awards Gala. I actually felt pretty that night. A little fat and lacking confidence but felt like I looked good for my size. 

On the right, a friend took this picture in the office yesterday on my six week anniversary. I hate my hair in it but can you tell a difference?? (PS - in a photo like this what the heck do you do with your hands??)

Thanks for letting me share! 

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