Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Fun DIY Art Project

I've never had a grown-up bedroom before. I mean, I've always had a bed, a dresser, and then absolutely no decorations. I should be proud that I'm not reliving my college days and have only a mattress and box springs on the floor. I've moved up.

Truth be told, I'm a terrible decorator. I learned from my mom who jokes that her decorating style is "Early American Attic" - you know....anything she's found, been given, etc.

So last year, I had "decorate my bedroom" on my list and I never made it happen. I want to but then it seems so silly to spend money on a room that I'm the only one who ever sees.

So Sunday I got the decorating bug. I was bored and needed a project. Red is my favorite color so I started there. I got a beautiful mirror for Christmas that I'd hung above my bed so I used it as my inspiration. Then I spent some time scouring for wall art and couldn't find a thing. So I got crafty.

Here's my bedding set and my mirror.

I dug out my mod podge (what crafter doesn't love this stuff?)

Then I took some 12x12 canvases I had bought for a different project. I had scored these on a great deal at Walmart - it was $5 for ten of them. I used a few and then they've sat in my closet a while. I painted the edges black. I didn't bother to be exact - paper was going to cover it up anyway. 

Then I found some paper that I liked. I liked several pieces in this pack - it looked like old wallpaper to me and the colors were good.

Basically I slapped some mod podge all over those canvases, stuck a 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper on it, covered the top with mod podge and voila. . . wall art. I think it turned out pretty good.

If you try this at home, one tip.....the paper is going to be a little bumpy. I actually started over a couple of times because of it. But!! let it dry and those bubbles all go away. The next day, my paper was smoothed out and looked fantastic.

I have a few things left I want to do in my room but I'm on my way to a grown-up room in no time. haha

Oh, one more thing from last year's list...I wanted to buy a new car but was upside down and put it off. Well, thanks to some wheeling and dealing and some work on my credit, yesterday I signed for my new car. Love it! Road trip anyone??

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