Sunday, February 9, 2014

39 x 39 - Be On Stage

I added "Be on Stage" to my annual bucket list with a bit of hesitation. I'm an introvert. I've learned I'm not shy but I'm definitely not the stage type. I prefer time alone or with a couple of good friends. I am inside my head a lot. I think before I speak. I'm not an attention-getter. 

So I added "be on stage" and then wondered how I'd make it happen. I freeze in front of a ton of people. 

Imagine my surprise when this was one of the first things I accomplished. Although, it feels a bit like I'm cheating so if the opportunity arises, I may do this one twice. . . 

At our Annual Awards Gala, the president of my Chamber surprised me with the President's Choice Award. He presented it to me on stage and I had to walk out to accept it. I'd like to say I was completely composed and said something brilliant. Instead I said, "I told Chip I wouldn't get on stage." Then I caught my breath and thanked the wonderful people I work with, our board, the folks who volunteer on my committees, and all our Chamber members. 

Then I walked as quickly as I could off that stage in 4.5 inch heels. 

It feels good to be recognized for what I do but it also feels a little funny. It's my job. But I do put a lot of my heart in what I do. 

Without further adieu, here's me accepting my award:
And because you've followed my weight loss journey, I have to post this picture. This is me one year ago at our Gala and this year's gala. What a difference!!

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