Monday, April 29, 2013

Gather 'Round the Campfire

Fishing opened at Topsy Reservoir this weekend and after spending the winter bundled up and cooped up, we were all ready for some outdoor fun. We packed up our fishing poles, some wood for a fire, our camp chairs, and headed out Saturday evening for a little cat-fishin'.

Let me share my weekend with you in highlights:

On Friday, Nate's school hosted a free movie night in the gym. To celebrate his new bunkbeds, he had a sleepover with two good friends. We went to the movie then came back to play legos, bey blades, and army guys.
The boys wait for the movie
On Saturday, the boys woke up early and the weather outside was beautiful. I took a bunch of old blankets that were headed to the Goodwill and fashioned a "fort" in the backyard. It was the perfect place to "hide from the Zombies" or so I'm told....

Hiding from Zombies

We have a new addition to our family right now. Marc found this cute stray dog in the woods. We've had the dog listed on craiglist, facebook and several other places but so far no owner. For now "Drake" is with us.

Drake - the newest addition to our house

Nate and I headed out to pick up snacks for our fishing trip and we were surprised to see the Oscar Mayer wienermobile in the parking lot!

Nate and I pose in front of the weinermobile
 We headed to Topsy on Saturday evening and it didn't take long for Marc to catch a catfish.

Marc's catfish
 Nate tried but without luck:
Patience Nate Patience;) 
 Our family friends joined us.

Mike and Morgan
 The reservoir was beautiful and peaceful (till our crew arrived lol)
 To help celebrate Marc's birthday, several of his friends joined us. These boys love fishing!

From left: Marc, Joe, Donnor, Philip, and Cody
 Of course, it gets better when the sun goes down. It's time for smores!!

Nate gets ready to roast a marshmallow

It was a great weekend! Now it's back to the grind!

As I head into this week, I'd ask for your prayers. My family could really use a few. He'll know what for:)

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