Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Blessings

Nearly my whole extended family lives about four hours from me. This means that for any given holiday, I'm expected to go there. I don't begrudge it...it's the way it is. So imagine my excitement when my sister decided to come with the kids. Then my parents said they'd come to. And before I knew it my own grandparents were coming as well!

I waited all week for them to arrive and cleaned the house like crazy! They arrived in a whirlwind and seemed to be gone before I could blink but not before I could get some great memories made:

My beautiful niece coloring Easter eggs

Aunt Tara and Nate decorate the cake


Sprinkles on marshmallows....what could be better?

And of course sprinkles on cake

The kids decorated the Easter egg cake

Finding eggs!

Liam was upset the others found more than him so he wouldn't smile

After the kids found the eggs, they hid them for the adults:

Great Grandpa finds an egg

Great Grandma finds an egg

Grandpa finds an egg

I'm so lucky to still have my grandparents. They're in their 80s and still pretty active. Our family is what it is because of him and grandma!
Just a beautiful picture of my grandpa
 My mom is pretty amazing too and I'm so glad my kids are close to her.
Grandma, Marc, and Paige (Paige loves Marc)

Goofy kids!
 Oh, we have to talk food! I made Paula Deen's Asparagus quiche and it was AMAZING!!!!

Tara made colorful veggie salad....again, amazing!

Oh, and it was gone before I could take a picture but we made this orange croissant egg bake that was seriously one of the best things I've ever had for brunch . . . EVER! No photo but easy and you MUST try it!

Marc and Great Grandpa

The gang...

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