Monday, March 25, 2013

38 x 38 - Crafting for a Bazaar

Every year, Stacy and I talk about having a table at a bazaar. We'd sell a few Christmas items but more items that could be a Christmas gift. I mean, let's face the time Christmas rolls around and you go to a Christmas bazaar, are you REALLY looking for Christmas decorations? My answer is no...I'm looking for something to give as a gift. And while homemade snowmen, angels, and jingle bell-adorned crafts are beautiful, festive, and Christmas-y, I wouldn't want them as a present.

This year, we reserved a table and have set out on a mission to create enough crafts that we won't look foolish. The good news is it means we regularly schedule time to get together. Take this past weekend for example. We decided to spend the day together at Stacy's house and craft to our heart's content.

Armed with yarn, beads, scraps of paper, and all 5 Twilight movies, we were ready to go. Stacy knitted some beautiful scarves while I made magnets and jewelry. As we crafted, we made fun of Kristen Stewart's horrible acting, really awful graphics, and poorly chosen wigs and laughed at how much we love these cheesy movies! Here are photos from my projects:

First, the goal has been to try and use up many of the thousands and thousands of beads I have from various projects.

I love pearls and bracelets are my favorite piece of jewelry.
This seems nearly perfect. 

A charm bracelet with pinks and purples. I have to say making all those
little charms took longer than I thought they would. 

Another bracelet. I took random red and clear beds, made bead  units,
and strung three strands together with a lobster clasp. 

Moving away from bracelets. . . I'm new to making earrings.
They seem really easy but maybe too easy. Going to have to try a design
more exciting.

A necklace....the bottom part is two strands of pearls with Swarovski  crystals
as spacers, then it goes into single strands of smaller pearls. I'd wear this. 

Now to my a scrapbooker, I have TONS of leftover pieces of cute paper that I have a hard time parting with. I stumbled across a blog that explained how to use those scraps to create cute magnets and pendants (I wanted to make the pendants but couldn't find the squares locally so I went with magnets). Again, I tried to buy as little as possible. The paper came from my scraps, I did buy the flat-bottom glass marbles and the E6000 glue. They turned out really cute!

We're off to a good start!

Oh, one last thing....Stacy made Pioneer Woman's Berry Shortcake and you HAVE to try it. I was so busy devouring it that I didn't take a photo but it was maybe the best berry shortcake I've ever had in my life. Another was the perfect breakfast food. . . berries, orange juice, little shortcakes that look like biscuits, greek yogurt... I think I'd be happy every day if I woke up looking forward to this!

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  1. These are cute! I still have the ones you made for me too :)
    I can help with some of your bucket list items that involve cooking and knitting. Let me know!