Monday, January 14, 2013

38 x 38 - Rockin' the Red

Last week, I decided to tackle another item on my list....

Wear red lipstick out of the house and leave it on! 

Now finding the right lipstick can be challenging and it seems even more so with the color red. In a way, I must admit I'm sort of cheating. I've tried actual lipstick before but I hate the caked on feeling so I much prefer a lip gloss. Lighter weight, not so caked on feeling. 

I joined ipsy a while back and in my last bag I got this beautiful red gloss from Be a Bombshell.The color is called Hot Mess. I liked it okay but feel self conscious wearing it out of the house.

So last week, I embraced my bombshell and wore it out of the house. (my apologies for the lighting, I promise it's more red than it appears in some of these photos). I put it on in the car
driving, here you can't even tell I have it on!
I did it. I wore it out of the house one day. But the second day, I was tired and not feeling very "bombshell" but I decided to put it on again (hoping for a mood boost). So I sat at my desk, feeling silly for wearing red lip gloss. 
Tired, gray hair, flat, ready to get my hair done
 Then that night, I got my hair colored and cut (lots more layers). I decided to put on some red lip gloss to show off my new hair cut.  I was actually hating the hair on this day (see before above and after below) but I was feeling much more comfortable with the red.
New hair the next day. Hating the "poofy" hair but loving the gloss

 Long story short (and to not bore you with more self portraits), I really stopped thinking about it. I wasn't self conscious and loved the pop of color. I even found myself wearing it at the grocery store on Sunday.

Last photo (and only because it shows the red a little more)...this was the day I got my hair done (same as above). I had to have my photo taken for my new board of directors role. You can see the red a little better.

If you've wanted to try red lipstick but are too shy/self-conscious, try a lip gloss. You can play with the intensity by adding more or less. I like that I can slick on one layer and it's a sheer, red color but add another layer and it really pops. 

There you have it! Which to tackle next.....

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