Monday, January 21, 2013

Surviving a Crazy Week

Wow, what a crazy week last week! Between my event planning duties, a wrestling tournament, a birthday party, a trip to the ER, and the changing of the guard, I was worn out! Let me share with you (in photos) some of the highlights:

Nate places 2nd at a wrestling tournament!!

Nate, 8 years old, has been wrestling for four years now and is getting pretty darn good! He placed second which means he qualified for the Oregon State Wrestling Classic in Redmond Oregon. In this photo, he's on the left.

The Changing of the Guard!!

As the Marketing and Program Coordinator for the Chamber, I got invited to attend a ceremony where the outgoing commander of our air force base handed the duties and responsibilities to the new guy. Steeped with tradition, it was pretty awesome to be there for it. I was so impressed with our men and women in uniform. Nearly 700 of them stood in the back in formation for what had to have been hours while all of us arrived and throughout the ceremony. This photo shows the commander inspecting his troops for the last time.

A Trip to the ER!!

While not technically a highlight, we had to include this. So while I was at the ceremony I mention above, I got a text that my oldest son was on the way to the Emergency Room. AAAAGGGHHHH! Fortunately, not life threatening but still traumatic. He was attempting to cut the zip tie off of something and managed to stab himself in the leg. Three stitches, a tetanus shot, some shots for numbing, and he was on his way. After the initial pain ebbed, he had a story to tell (and chicks dig scars you know). 

A Birthday Party at School!!

My youngest turned 9! Wow, time flies. He asked me to bring donuts to school for his class. Of course, I did one better! How about one big giant donut! This whopper served over 30 kids! (look at the little girl's face on the left, it was so worth it!)

Climbing the Walls - another birthday celebration!!

After delivering the donuts, later that night we celebrated Nate's birthday at The Ledge/Yeti's Climbing gym where the little boys literally climbed the walls for two hours! 

The 92nd Annual Awards Gala!!

Part of my job is event planning and this week was our 92nd Annual Awards Gala. I'm actually quite proud of this event. We give seven awards (Business of the Year, First Citizen, etc). We do it "Hollywood-style" with red carpet, entertainment between awards, food, drinks. It's a great time but it's a LOT of work. I spend months planning, organizing, and attending to all the parts and pieces. Then the week of the event (with everything above happening), I check, double-check, and sometimes triple-check all my lists. Then the day of the event I have to dress up (ok, I love this part), get their early, make sure all is well, and then "mingle" with all the guests. It went off without a hitch this year and I'm ready to start planning for next year. 

This is the first year I've purchased a new dress. I usually wear something from my closet but this year I "splurged." Having to be there hours and hours before takes some planning and consideration. Here's my tips:
  • I take two pair of shoes - I'm a "heel" girl so I always take cute heels for when everyone is there and I'm mingling. I take a pair of flats for the planning, put together part. I know others who just wear sneakers but with vendors, sponsors, etc coming in and out I still like to look put together.
  • Mirabella Prime for Face and Eyes - I got this stuff in my Ipsy bag in December and LOVE it. It made my makeup stay amazing for the entire event! 
  • Redken Guts 10 and Redken Fashion Work 12 - These two products made my hair look amazing all night long. It stayed up, didn't lose volume, and my curl held. It didnt get frizzy or awful. 
  • Hollywood Fashion Secret Fashion Tape - My dress was a little low cut and if I bent over, it came open a bit more than I like. I bought this tape and was so impressed! It held all night long and helped me not think twice about my cleavage. I had enough to worry about without worrying that I was flashing those around me. 
That's it. Of course, I have a list five times as long for tips on the event planning side but that's just not as fun! 

Here I am Saturday night. I'll post another one when I get the official event photos back.

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