Monday, June 25, 2012

My Journey to 37 (An Update)

You may remember I made a list of 37 things to do before I turn 37. This month marks my halfway mark and so I thought I'd check on my progress. All I can say is.....GAH! I better get busy!

Without further adieu, here's my progress (or lack thereof):
  • Write a hand-written letter with a card to one person every month - Yippie! I can say that I have managed to do this. I'll admit sometimes it takes a while to write. We're so used to giving a thumbnail version that can fit in Twitter or Facebook that it really takes some brain power to write a letter. Worth it though!
  • Watch two classic films - DONE! Patton was a film done in 1970 about (you guessed it) General Patton. I learned some very interesting things about Patton such as he believed in reincarnation. The film shows Patton wearing all his medals. I had to research that a bit and I learned that while those medals were exact replicas of the ones he actually received, Patton never wore them all at once except on one occassion - a photo he posed in for his wife.  Some Like It Hot starred Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon. It was pretty funny. Two musicians witness a mob hit and then disguise themselves as women to hide out.
  • Read 35 books - I'm well on my way. I'm up to 17 books read! I'll blog my reviews later.
  • Climb Hogsback - DONE. And man oh man, that was a workout.
  • Be a better friend - I'm not sure if my friends would agree but I have made a point to get together more often with my friends for lunch, coffee, or breakfast.
Here's everything on my list I haven't done:
  • Visit Shasta's lavendar fields
  • Visit my dad
  • Visit Cheya in SF
  • Try White Water Rafting
  • Try kayaking
  • try five new vegetarian recipes
  • take the kids to the Oregon Caves
  • take the kids to an amusement park
  • take Rob to Sumpter Days
  • Take a watercolor class
  • take a dance class
  • spend the night in a cabin
  • Revive passport nights
  • make tamales
  • Make sushi rolls from scratch
  • learn to make pasta
  • Learn about my camera
  • Hunt for sunstones in Lakeview
  • Hunt for opals in Lakeview
  • Go to a play in Ashland
  • Go somewhere romantic with Rob
  • Go on at least one camping trip
  • go for a ride on Rob's bike on a summer evening
  • fit in a day of crafting at least once a quarter
  • do a charity walk/hike
  • complete the photography challenge
  • buy a pair of red high heels
  • Begin my own sourdough starter and make bread
  • be a better friend
No more time to re-visit. I've gotta get busy!

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