Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mother's Day

Oh, Mother's Day! The one day a year that we set aside to honor our Mothers. This year, my boys treated me to a day of doing nothing. They forced me out on the deck in my lawn chair to read a book. They let me have control of the remote. They doted on me. And then they cooked me dinner.

But they didn't just make me dinner. I mean they did every single step of making me dinner under Rob's direction.

Marc sauteed the onions and garlic.

Nate poured in the wine and tomatoes.
They let it simmer.
Marc sliced the portobellos. Nate brushed them with olive oil.

They dumped in lobster, shrimp, and lots of other seafood to fix cioppino. It was delicious!!

Then the boys made me the best brownies ever!

It was truly a fantastic Mother's Day. Love these kids!!

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