Friday, July 17, 2015

Announcing my 40 x 40 list (well almost half of it anyway)

40 doesn't bother me at all and I think that's why I haven't really thought about it much. Seriously!

My hair is a little grayer - who cares?

My hips are a little wider - who cares? (ok maybe I do a little but that's not a 40 thing, it's a french fry thing)

My smiles has a few lines around it and my eyes have some crow's feet - who cares?

I don't run as fast any more - who cares? (ok, you caught me - I've never run, not even at 20)

I think that's why I wasn't too worried about this year. The only reason I care about 40 is because I really want a fun party with family and friends that I didn't plan. I don't even really care if it's about me - I just want a fun time.

Let me tell you what I AM struggling with. My son growing up. He got married and is having a baby. I'm super excited about it but it's weird to sort of not have a place right now. Like I worry about what he's doing, when he'll be home, whether or not he's going on my vacation with me - random stuff like that. It's just an adjustment period.

Anway, I decided I better do this annual bucket list thing that I've done for the past five years. I mean if I did it for 35, 36, 37, 38, and 39, then why not do it for 40.

So here's the start of my list (thanks to a friend who helped me)

  1. Ride my bike around the rim at Crater Lake National Park (by the way, they have two vehicle free days this year just for this purpose and registration is free!)
  2. Fly a kite
  3. Read a book from every genre 
  4. Learn to make a new dish
  5. Get a grown up coloring book and color the whole thing
  6. Eat a food I've never eaten before
  7. Take a yoga class
  8. make sangria
  9. dye my hair (or at least a part of it) a wild color
  10. Take my own photos and frame them
  11. Apply for a dream job I'm completely unqualified for
  12. Start a makeup club
  13. Incorporate swimming into a exercise routine for a little while
  14. become grandma (this is sort of me cheating..this is going to happen)
  15. Knit a pair of socks
  16. Make three Christmas gifts
  17. See Blake Shelton in concert
  18. Enter at least one item in the fair

Ok readers and friends - I need 22 more! HELP!! remember, cheap, kind of local, and no snakes!

1 comment:

  1. milk a cow - ok so this might be on my bucket list... but someone otta complete it...
    here are a few others:
    *have ice cream for dinner (because you can. and should.) - frozen yogurt is an acceptable alternative for you thinner types.
    * paint your nails a different color for each nail.
    *refinish a piece of furniture
    *do a pinterest craft once a month (think baby!)
    *plant fall bulbs (garlic?!)
    *send a real life snail mail card to someone (emails NOT an acceptable alternative!) once a month
    *ohhhh or write baby a letter once a month
    *rewatch your favorite childhood movie
    *clean all your desk drawers... use cleaning products!
    *buy new fun undies - think cartoon characters
    I'll come up with more.... if you need them!