Thursday, May 16, 2013

I'm fat but it's okay

I'm fat. There's really no way to sugarcoat it.

For years, I've justified it like this:

  • but it's okay because I can still do what I want to do. Maybe a little slower but I can still do it.
  • but it's okay because it doesn't keep me from enjoying life.
  • but it's okay because for someone my size, I look pretty good
  • but it's okay because I'm starting a diet on Monday (or after Christmas or after Thanksgiving.....)
  • but it's okay because I don't wear spandex
  • but it's okay because some guy thinks I'm sexy
  • but it's okay because I'm not one of "those" fat people
Oh, I'm sure given enough time I could go on and on and on. 

But it's not okay. 

  • I have no energy
  • It does keep me from things like taking my kids to the water park or going dancing
  • My body aches if I do more than I should (I still do it but pay for it later)
  • I want to be beautiful and not "beautiful for my size"
  • I worry about the health risks 
So I decided to do something about it. The few times I've been mildly successful (meaning 20 lbs of weight loss), I kept it off for a bit and just counted calories. I followed the "eat less, walk more" philosophy. Then the weight would slowly creep back on. 

So thanks to my mom and an early birthday present, I started Medifast/Take Shape for Life exactly one month ago today. I resisted a bit because it feels like cheating. Plus I hear all the time about "what are you going to do when you're not eating their food anymore....." But I gave it a shot. 

Warning: the images you are about to see could be scary. You could have nightmares. You've been warned. 

One month ago, I weighed in at 270. If you'd asked me beforehand I would have told you probably 240. I hadn't weighed myself in years. 

Today I weight 250. I've lost exactly 20 lbs in one month. Amazing! 

I'm sure the program isn't for everyone but I can tell you these are my favorite things about it:
  • I have energy all day long. I don't have the afternoon or late morning slump
  • I'm rarely hungry
  • Most of the foods taste good (I will say I have some I hate like the oatmeal and several of them I had to give a second shot)
  • The book that goes along with the program is a HUGE help. It really helps me work through and make the right decisions (more about that later). 
  • Right now my life is STRESSFUL so I appreciate not thinking about it. I grab four items, put them in my bag, and I'm ready for the day. No more trips through fast food. 
I'll share some of the things I'm learning as I go along but for now let's get to those pictures (I'm really embarassed for these to be on the internet) but look at the difference in JUST one month:

The thing that cracks me up in this one is that in the "before" shot
 I was sucking in my stomach so it wouldn't be so bad!!!

I still have a LONG long long long way to go but just look at that. More later....have a great day!

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