Friday, February 8, 2013

Tuxedos, Dresses, Corsages..Oh My!

Does anything say high school more than a formal dance? For me, winter formal and prom were a couple of the highlights of my days. Of course, I love to dress up and I love a well-dressed date!

So when Marc told me he wanted to go to his first formal....well this momma got happy! And reminiscent! My first formal was winter formal my freshman year. I felt privileged to have been asked by a senior - Benjamin. Mom took me shopping and I found a beautiful royal blue dress. If you went to high school in 1990, you know the dress. We added some black lace gloves that went to my elbow, found some black tights with pretty rhinestones up the calf. Mom took me to get my hair done - a big curly beautiful mess (that I'm pretty sure was held up with a banana clip hahahah). Benjamin picked me up and I swooned at him in a tux. He took me to dinner and I have to say a boy in a tux is just a little different. He seemed so much more grownup. We danced the night away!

Of course, reminiscing on that night made me think of the next winter formal with Rodney, then the next winter formal with Trevit, then prom with Trev, and then prom with Forest. Man, I wish adults could have formal dances.

Anyway, back to Marc! Marcus usually (like most teen boys) wears tshirts, jeans, and sneakers. It was really fun to take him to the tuxedo shop and have him try them on. He settled on a vest, long sleeve shirt, and tie with black wranglers. Yes, we live in the country:) I do have to say it's a lot different for a boy. I spent ALL day nearly getting ready for mine (or atleast that's how it felt), Marc rode 4 wheelers all day then got ready in 30 minutes. And I have to say (even though I'm biased), he cleans up well!
Marcus is on the left, Austin's on the right. They were headed out the door to pick up their dates.

Marcus bought a beautiful corsage (after I explained that it was important, he thought it a waste....the girl was happy and so alas, he realized there are a few things momma knows about dating)

He had a great time. I'm glad he went. I encourage him to take advantage of the experiences high school has. It can be a tough time but when some of the opportunities are gone, they're gone. Go to the football games, go to the dances, dress up during spirit week, yell loudly at the pep rally. Be a teen.

Thanks for reading. I really just wanted to show off my handsome son!

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