Monday, October 22, 2012

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Marcus loves Oregon State University Beavers football so imagine my excitement when a friend offered me her two VIP tickets to Saturday's game! The Beavers were playing the Utah Utes and it was the Beavs' homecoming. 

Marcus has been to one game - two years ago, I scored tickets from a friend who holds season tickets but I haven't had a chance to take him back. 

My friend told me these were VIP tickets....this would be a different experience! 

It's a 4 hour drive to Corvallis so with tickets in hand Marcus and I left around noon for the 7:30 game.

We arrived at Reser Stadium around 4:30. Fans were gathering outside and there were many activities to keep you from getting bored until the "gates" opened. This was a "black-out game" so rather than a sea of orange, it was a sea of black with spots of orange.

We made it in time for part of the Beaver walk. We got to watch the band up close. They were really good!

We also saw the cheerleaders. Marcus was pretty thrilled to see them "up close" but then he asked me why they looked so scary. I laughed when I realized they had on more makeup than a drag queen. I explained when you're out there performing and the cameras are on you, you have to put more on than usual.

Our seats were in an upper level on the 10 yard line. They were covered (which was a good thing because it rained like crazy in the second half!)

Our tickets gave us entrance into the "Club Lounge" where we were treated to free food, drinks, arcade games, etc. There were big screen tvs everywhere. You could watch the game from in here or outside - there was no way Marcus was letting me sit in here.

Inside the lounge, it was like a big cocktail/football party.

Below Marcus stands outside watching the players warm up. I didn't get a picture but our photo would be shown later on that screen behind him while we were screaming O - S - U and acting like crazy fans with the rest of the folks in our row. 

We had perfect seats and a perfect view of the Beavs first touchdown! As you can see, the guy in front of us was waving his hand (or his finger) in excitement. It was a great game and the Beavs won 21 to 7!
It was a great time and I'm thankful to be able to take Marcus. It was awesome to have some quality alone time with him and be able to visit all the way there (he slept on the way back). 

When he gets older, I hope these are the things he'll remember!

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