Thursday, January 26, 2012

Live from Klamath Falls - it's Saturday Night!

Three months of planning have all come down to this one night. It's make or break time. My checklist has been checked once, twice, three, four or more times.

Did the flowers arrive and do they provide the right "mood" for the show?
Has the limo arrived on time?
Did I make sure all the dignitaries have their tickets?
Will the four different caterers arrive as directed?
Did the creative team rehearse enough?
Will 250+ people purchase tickets?
Will our comedy make people laugh?
Will the award winners arrive?
Will the award presenters show up?
Is the lighting right?
Is my lipstick ok?
Are my shoes comfortable?

Yes, yes, and yes. Saturday was my big event at work...the 91st Annual Awards Gala. Here in my town, we do it like Hollywood. We roll out the red carpet. We book the theater. We hire the limo. We have a band. We have a creative team writing the script. We get the congressman to attend. It's awesome and if you don't mind me bragging just a little....I help bring it all to life!

I've decided I should quit because it was SO good, I have no idea how I'll compete next year.

We did a Saturday Night Live tribute this time. With some local humor and it turned out better than I'd imagined. If you'd like to see a clip of one of our skits...follow this link.

I can't even describe how wonderful it turned out. Here's a couple of photos from the night:
Me and Rob enjoying a drink before the event.
Me and Rachael ham it up at the social hour.
My friend Russ as Andy Kaufmann
Two Wild and Crazy Guys
The House Band plays Soul Man

It was a great night. Lots of laughs and fun.

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