Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fireworks, The Big D, Puppies, and Tailgaters

"Why haven't you called me?"
"I'm worried about you, we hardly talk!"
"You haven't returned my phone calls!"
"When we talk, you only have a few minutes!!"

Yes, mom. I know! Let me tell you what's happening in my world....
  • I'm in charge of the 4th of July Jamboree for our community. I'm planning, organizing, marketing, and raising funds for the parade, the jamboree, and the fireworks. I've been doing this in the midst of three other events. I work with a committee of 4 who have varying degrees of commitment to the event. It's the first year for this format so there's no blueprint or any notes on what to do/what not to do. For everyone who calls happy with my plans, I get at least one call from someone ticked off because I'm monkeying with tradition. (I will admit this morning when I got my coffee and the guy bought it for me because he's pleased with everything I'm doing for the community, I soaked up every drop of that compliment and it sustained me today).
  • I just finished a golf tournament, a leadership event, a ten-month leadership class, and there's only two of us in the office.
  • I'm going through a divorce. I'd blog about how awful he's being and the mean things he's said and all that but it's really  not much different than anyone else's divorce right? So I won't bore you.
  • I have to find a place to live. That soon-to-be-ex that I refer to? He's wanting me out like yesterday. I won't move until he signs paperwork but truth be told, I'd have been out yesterday too if I could have swung it. I hate living in limbo and I want my own place. I have to move sometime in July (if he signs anyway) and I just want to get through the 4th before I worry about it. I can't imagine trying to pack and move in the middle. . . We'd have fireworks but not the kind you want to watch.
  • My son had 6 teeth pulled today. He's doing well but as a mom, it's incredibly hard to not be there for him. The wasband (husband...was, put them together and you have a wasband). . . scheduled it during his time with the kids. By the way, it was amusing to sit in a waiting room for an hour right next to him and watch him refuse to talk to me via any other method than text. Amusing. And very grown up. I was impressed for sure. I love how much he's changed into the man I always dreamed of. (sarcasm, dripping!)
  • Speaking of sarcasm, why are religious folk always the most judgmental? I haven't read the entire bible but I'm pretty sure there's something that says no one should judge lest he be judged. Well, divorce helps you learn who your friends are. To my used-to-be-friend, I realize I'm sinning by dating because well, technically, I'm still married. But that guy you're defending....well, ask him about those photos on his phone the last few years or the profiles on the computer. Yeah, ok. I'm a sinner.
Shoot! I think I got sidetracked. Where was I? Oh!
  • I'm planning a virgin blood drive. I know that sounds awful but it's the only way I can put it. I have a tremendous fear of giving blood but I've decided I'll try it once if I can save a life. When I started talking to others I discovered there's a huge number of friends my age who are leary of doing it to. So I talked to the people at the Red Cross and they're going to do a drive just for us and we get some prizes. I have 7 "virgin" blood donors signed up including myself. I need 9 more by the middle of July. Kind of excited in a whoozy-creepy-think-I'm-going-to-pass-out kind of way.
  • I'm in charge of the tailgating kick off party for the Pop Warner Football club. Yes, because I needed something else to plan, organize, and fundraise. Maybe this is my way to make up for being a sinner. . .
  • I'm trying to find homes for 5 unexpected puppies. Hard to find a rental with 7 dogs. Just saying....
With that, I have to end this. I have someone coming to take one of these little bundles of puppy cuteness off my hands! Talk to you soon!!

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