Friday, October 18, 2013

Perhaps a Little Vain

 I have two things to write about and I can't decide which I'm more excited about. I decided to start with me...yep, all about me. Because guess what....I've lost 60 lbs!!

60 pounds!!

wait, did you catch that? 

I've lost 60 (six-zero), 60 pounds!!

Let's take a look back. 

Above are photos of me when I started this new program with Take Shape for Life. I had little energy and was pretty unhappy. I had lost my love of fashion years ago and was starting to avoid certain functions or events for fear I'd be the biggest person. 

Now, I've lost 60 lbs and I'm going to brag a little. While I have 60 more I want to lose, I feel dang good! Just take a look:

I'm loving the way I feel. Full of energy, full of life, and fashion is fun again!! 

I'm loving being a health coach. Right now, I'm coaching about 10 people to reach their optimal health. I love being their cheerleader and watch them make healthy choices and reach their weight!!

Now let's talk about the kids....

Now about Nate....Nate is starting center on his football team. He's the youngest and worked hard to earn that position. He's had an awesome year!! We've teased him about his bright, neon colors. He's doing a fantastic job and I'm so proud of him playing with so much heart!!

Upper left: nate plays center (see his arm), Nate's crazy colors, Zach in the middle as homecoming prince, Emily in her game, Zach and I after they beat Phoenix, and Nate and I before his game where they killed the Beavers!!

Now to Marc - He decided to not play football. At first, it broke my heart but I have to respect his decision. He's 17 after all. But here's where I brag....Marcus has ALWAYS struggled with grades, barely squeaking by with d's. I just got his first semester report card and he has c's and better. He even has two a's and a b!!!! So proud of this kid. Two weeks ago, being the cool mom I am hehehe, I took him out hunting and within two hours he had his tag filled. We took his good friend Alec and boy was I glad!!

These boys cracked me up. I had a really good time out with them!

So you could say we've been a little busy around my house. 

Oh, one more celebrate my 60 lbs, I bought those red high heels that were on my annual bucket list:

I'll be rocking these red heels with my red lipstick and my new size 14 (yikes, 14!!!) gray slacks. 

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